My first experience with a personal computer was circa 1983 with the Sinclair ZX81 : I taught myself Basic so I could program games.

I did not have a tape recorder to save my programs, so each time I wanted to play a game, I had to type it !

Hopefully, the ZX81 had only 1 kB so the programs were small : RAM was full with 20 lines of BASIC.

The other good effect of having only 1 kB was that you are forced to be creative to solve problems. So after Basic, I taught myself the Z80 machine language and the glorious PEEK and POKE commands.

Since then, I never stopped to code on various machines (Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Sun Sparc, IBM RS/6000…) and with fabulous languages (GFA Basic, 68000 Assembler, Turbo Pascal, C, Java, …).

After an university computer science degree in the middle of the 90’s, I began working in the early Internet : Mosaïc was the king of the browser and Netscape the new kid on the block. My job was to code B2B services on the web with CGI (common gateway interfaces) using Perl, then Java servlet. Old good time !

Fast forward to 2002, after a few companies, big or small, startups, incubator, it comes the time I needed to have my own business adventure, so I co-founded Softinnov, a development shop specialized in web applications for businesses.

And I’m still there developing online services !

You’ll find here mainly posts about programming languages, operating systems and applications related to the open-source eco-system and, occasionally, my random thoughts about topics that matter to me.

Contact me as @CodeCadim on Mastodon, or on my email brahim ( at ) hamdouni.com.

This blog is personal and opinions here are mine.