I have a keyboard/mouse/screen switch to connect 2 PCs: one running Linux and one running Windows. When I connect all the ports, it works, but every time I switch to the Windows laptop, the screen reconfigures, my windows are moved, and it annoys me.
I often need to code some way to have multiple pages rendered in the same location : think about a configuration panel with several sub panels.
So, a few days ago, I saw a video showing a password creation form. Each time the user types anything, there is an instant validation with icons indicating which constraint is fulfilled.
This is a list of useful resources you can access freely on the web, to learn Go : Go Playground : Try Go without installing nothing on your computer.
I want to code a simple tags input component in Svelte like the animation above. An input text where I can type words.
During a discussion on a Discord channel, a message puzzled me: Go is not an object-oriented language. I knew Go didn’t have an inheritance mechanism.
We can customize Firefox interface to hide the tabs bar : First, we have to tell Firefox that we want to customize its interface.
Sqlite Pure Go 2022.11.06
Would it be possible to embed a database to avoid managing a MySQL or Postgres instance? Even better, can this database be queried in SQL?
In my previous post, I used Nebula to setup a secured network between 2 virtual machines. This time, I’ll try to make a MySQL client and server communicate through a Nebula tunnel.
Is it possible to use the public network, namely Internet, to make 2 machines communicate securely ? And if possible something easier to install and configure than OpenVpn ?
Udev Webcam 2022.04.01
You can change the device link so your webcam will be always accessible at the same location /dev/video99. You can also persist some settings via the v4l-ctl command.
This days, with 4K monitors, the linux console is unreadable : the font is too small. So how can we scale the font size in the console after boot ?
Local git 2019.12.02
Define a repo somewhere in your file system with a bare init mkdir -p /somewhere/repo/test_project cd /somewhere/repo/test_project git init --bare Now create a local folder for your work with init only
You can change the mysql prompt client so you know where you are. Very usefull when you manage a lot of mysql databases and you forget which one :-)
If you use a tiled window manager like me, Suckless DWM for example, and have Firefox as your browser, you may be interested by not showing the tabs.
Install LTS Hardware Enablement Stack sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-18.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-18.04 Clean sudo apt purge --autoremove Reboot to load new kernel
How to configure a Debian based Linux distribution to share a folder with anyone on the network, with read and write access ?
As ‘man convert’ states : The convert program is a member of the ImageMagick suite of tools. Use it to convert between image formats as well as resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and much more.
Consul is a critical infrastructure service for organizations that rely on it for service discovery, key/value storage, and health checks.
To import a local CSV file into MySQL, use the syntax below : LOAD DATA LOW_PRIORITY LOCAL INFILE '/path/tofile.csv' INTO TABLE database.
To export a mysql results in CSV format, use the syntax below : SELECT field1, field2, ... FROM table WHERE condition INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/toto.
By default, in Cheyenne, the header size limit for a post request is 102'400. If you want to ajust this limit you can define the post-mem-limit parameter in the global context or in a specific webapp.
Get rid of graphic boot on Linux with a few modifications in grub configuration : # edit your grub config sudo vi /etc/default/grub # remove splash, quiet, .
Just in case you absolutely have to insert a date in MySQL that does’nt exist, eg 2014-02-30, you can run MySQL server in a special mode that authorizes such dates :
In Windows, create a certificate via Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Digital Certificate for VBA Projects In Microsoft Outlook, open the VB editor and copy/paste the code below Replace your@email.
A few months ago, I read an article about brain training by learning a new language : very interesting story about William Alexander who failed to learn french but strenghten his brain trying to.
As of Git v1.7.0, you can delete a remote branch using : git push origin --delete <branchName> And you can do exactly the same with a tag
Side note : Microsoft has dropped support for IE8 last april 2014 :-( There are still some clients that want their webapp to work perfectly on IE8.
DWM is my tiled window manager. It’s fast, flexible and fun. My linux desktop is up and running after a few seconds… (ok, thanks also to the ssd :-) ).
Forget large background image for your web site. Now, comes video time. So you want to put a nice video as background of your site but don’t know how to do ?
2048 Gremlins 2014.04.28
2048 : a very famous game where you have to slide the numbered tiles to join same numbers, and cumulate them to obtain 2048 !