Tmux for the impatient

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 · 1 minute · 130 words

Key shortcuts

Create a new session (the first time)
tmux a
Attach to an existing session
Ctrl+b d
Ctrl+b PgUp/PgDown
Scroll (quit with q) also can use mouse after first page up or down (see tips below to activate normal mouse scrolling)
Ctrl+b [
Copy mode (quit with q)
Ctrl+b "
Split horizontally
Ctrl+b %
Split vertically
Ctrl+b arrow key
Switch pane
Hold Ctrl+b + arrow keys
Resize pane
Ctrl+b + z
Toggle zoom in pane


  • Copy/pasting
sudo apt-get install xclip
Install xclip so buffer copied inside tmux are also available to X
Shift + mouse selection
Select text to copy
Ctrl + Shift + C
Ctrl + Shift + V
  • Use the mouse for scrolling
set -g mouse on
put this command in ~/.tmux.conf
linux tmux