French Git Log

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 · 1 minute · 93 words

Git log in colors.

french git example

git log --pretty='format:%Cblue%h%Creset %ad %Cred%<(8,trunc)%an%Creset%Cgreen%d%Creset %s' --date=short

Shows how to use pretty format in Git with colors and fixed with columns (trunc) :

%Cblue … %Creset
begin and end a colored sequence (here in blue, also possible : red and green)
hash short format
author date (short version with the - date=short git argument)
the next item will take 8 positions with spaces at right if necessary and truncated if longer
author name
ref names (branch, tag, …)
subject (ie the commit comment)