VS Code loses Go autocompletion on Linux

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 · 1 minute · 190 words

On my Linux, just after upgrading Go to version 1.9, I lost autompletion functionality in VS Code.


This tip did not work for me.

So let’s try to debug it.

First, we close the auto-completion server (see github.com/nsf/gocode ) :

gocode close
killall gocode

Then we relaunch it as a server in debug mode inside a console :

gocode -debug -s

So now, we can see what’s happening.
OK, time to try an auto-completion inside VS Code.

Bingo ! We got some useful log :

2018/03/26 23:27:32 Import path "net/http" was not resolved
2018/03/26 23:27:32 Gocode's build context is:
2018/03/26 23:27:32 GOROOT: /usr/local/go
2018/03/26 23:27:32 GOPATH: /home/barim
2018/03/26 23:27:32 GOOS: linux
2018/03/26 23:27:32 GOARCH: amd64
2018/03/26 23:27:32 BzlProjectRoot: ""
2018/03/26 23:27:32 GBProjectRoot: ""
2018/03/26 23:27:32 lib-path: ""
2018/03/26 23:27:32 Error parsing input file (inner block):
2018/03/26 23:27:32 3:6: expected selector or type assertion, found ';'

Weird, my GOROOT isn’t at /usr/local/go but at /usr/lib/go.
It seems like gocode doesn’t care about my env and arbitrary choose to look inside this folder.

Ok, let’s trick him with a symlink :

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/go /usr/local/go

Now it works !


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