Change local ownCloud sync directory

Saturday, September 12, 2020 · 1 minute · 121 words

To change the name of ownCloud main folder, there is a little trick you can do on Linux (may work as well on other platforms).

First, close the ownCloud application on your desktop : commonly, right click the systray icon and quit ownCloud. This avoid any conflict when renaming the folder.

Now, you can rename your local folder. For example :

mv ~/owncloud ~/docs

Open your ownCloud configuration file : location depends on the platform (cf ownCloud docs for more infos). On my Linux desktop, I did :

vi ~/.local/share/data/ownCloud/owncloud.cfg

Then, look for a line with “localPath” inside. Someting like :


Now, update the folder location to your needs. For example :


Restart your ownCloud app and voilà !

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